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Mission: MartinArts Foundation is a nonprofit organization that develops activities and programs that foster and support the arts and cultural community. MartinArts Foundation works in partnership with the MartinArts Council and the cultural sector in our region. 

The MartinArts Foundation was created to support the programs and services of the MartinArts Council. The mission of the MartinArts Council is to provide advocacy and leadership that inspires participation in and a passion for the arts in our community. The MartinArts Foundation has three primary funds to which a donor may contribute: unrestricted endowment fund, fields of interest funds, and designated funds. Unrestricted gifts will be held in perpetuity and will produce annual income for use by the MartinArts Council as requested in an annual budget presentation to the MartinArts Foundation for operating purposes.

  • Forever Arts Endowment Fund through the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties paves the way for opportunity in building our financial resources to ensure our long term legacy in Martin County.
  • Field of Interest Funds will address specific areas within the purview of MartinArts Council and to promote the growth of the arts. A field of interest fund might address a donor's interest in theatre that allows the gift to be used to support theatre, without a specific organization or program identified. The flexibility these funds provide are critical to the long-term nature of the MartinArts Foundation and to furthering the vision of stability for arts programs in Martin County.
  • Designated funds will be fully donor designated to provide assistance to a non-profit organization, project or facility within the goals of the MartinArts Council's mission. Designated funds balance the donor's intent with professional management of a long-term investment. For example, a designated fund may further a donor's desire to provide music lesson scholarships for students who wish to pursue a musical talent but lack financial resources. Women Supporting the Arts (WSA), a woman's donor circle, is the Foundation's most active program. Another fund, the OPUS Parents' Booster Club, was created for long-time director, Ronald L. Corbin in 2005, in honor of his 20th anniversary with OPUS. The MartinArts Foundation is a subsidiary corporation to the MartinArts Council. Its Board of Directors are appointed by the MartinArts Council Board to serve the primary mission of advancing the financial stability for the MartinArts Council and the arts, as a growing industry, in Martin County.

More about supporting MartinArts

  • Leaving a Legacy for the Arts
    • The Arts Legacy Society honors individuals who have made legacy gifts. Gifts may be designated or unrestricted. Unrestricted gifts will help the MartinArts Council, through its partner agency, the MartinArts Foundation; establish an endowment fund to ensure the arts endure as a lasting part of the Martin County community. Find out more about our Arts Legacy Society...
  • Jewels of the Arts: Recognition for our most celebrated donors
    • The Jewels of the Arts recognition is presented to donors who have cumulatively given in excess of $10,000 to advance the MartinArts Council’s or the MartinArts Foundation's. Located in the central hallway of the historic Court House Cultural Center, this new installation is a stunning tribute to the private individuals and corporations who have support the arts over the past 30 plus years.

The Court House Cultural Center Gallery Fund

The renovations of the Court House Cultural Center Gallery have been very successful thanks to the efforts of the MartinArts Foundation Board Members and to the generosity of many people in the community. The following were major donors to the campaign:

  • Martin County Community Foundation
  • Frederic M. Ayres, III
  • Lawrence A Sanders Foundation
  • Dunn Capital Management
  • Lillis Foundation